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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, 30 June 2012



Cannot say any words.
Totally speechless.

First of July 2012
Someone hits my chatbox while i'm struggling to bake new cupcakes in CafeLife -,-

the girl who cannot be named

to that girl:
-Please never ever drag me again to my past. Here I am now. In 2012.
I want to live just like an ordinary person. I have already left the past. He is my past. 
Whatever you want to do with him, don't drag me. I'm just someone who remains as a memory of him.
If you want me to wish both of you happy, then goodluck.

p/s: never disturb me anymore. I know you are reading this. This is not the first time you asked me. It is just me don't want to warn you.But this time, totally I'm sick of you. If you find it hard to concern about other people, then just keep silence. It is better darling. 

p/s: sometimes when someone keep bringing up past, it hurts a lot.


  1. totally rite.
    kengkadang rasa nak sepaksepak pun ada jugak kt jenis org ta fhm bhsa nih

  2. rainur: huuu.. nk snyum ke nk sdeh. i choose silent :)

    fazeera: yeah3.. haha. tp apakan daya. kita xnk jd mcm dy. :')

  3. Sengalnye minah tu, tak tau malu tol

  4. aishhh... minah gatai ne.. desperate lady..